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Tandoori Marinade Ideas




  1. Make Tandoori shrimp or chicken to use for making quesadillas fillings.
  2. Make Tandoori chicken breast to make a Tandoori chicken sandwich and/or a salad
  3. Use Tandoori chicken or shrimp as a topping for a pizza topping
  4. Toss potatoes in Monsoon Kitchens Tandoori Marinade and grill. 
  5. Stir into meat loaf to get an added zing.
  6. Marinade salmon fillet in Monsoon Kitchens Tandoori Marinade and grill.   
  7. Marinate Fajita style meat in Monsoon Kitchens Tandoori Marinade to create Tandoori style Fajitas. 

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