Our Story

A delicious change is in the air.

Monsoon season has always been a time of transformation in India. A fresh scent on the wind is the first sign that the welcome rains are coming to bring relief from the sultry summer heat. During this wondrous time of year, families and friends gather to create the special foods they share to celebrate the season. The smells of the samosas, pakoras, and other treats coming from home kitchens inspire not only appetites, but a spirit of joyful gratitude for wholesome foods crafted with patience and care. That appreciation for the fresh change that the monsoons usher in was the inspiration for a new take on the “restaurant-style” Indian meals crowding today’s marketplace. 

Good Business from Good Health & Taste

Monsoon Kitchens was born in 2004 to create the kind of cleaner, healthier foods served in most traditional Indian homes.

Its founding by a registered dietitian with a PHD in nutrition science and a passionate restaurant owner ensured this certified-minority-owned company’s continued twin focus on good health and good taste. That commitment built a brand that became an Indian-food trend leader focused on the fusion of regional cuisines delivered with the convenience that today’s on-the-go consumers demand. Key clients soon took notice, leading to Monsoon’s place among such national and global food services as Sysco, Gordon Food Service, Sodexo, Compass Group, Premiere Group Purchasing, and more.

Ready for Retail & Taste

After this 14-year record of success, Monsoon entered the retail market in 2018.

The time was right to share the recipes they’d perfected directly with the consumers whose tastes were in sync with the brand. Those preferences aligned with Monsoon’s use of clean ingredients, free from trans fats, MSG, and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. With a product line offering naturally gluten-free dishes and a majority of vegan and vegetarian options, Monsoon was positioned as the kind of dish that Millennials (and others) simply couldn’t ignore.

A future rooted in authentic taste.

It’s no easy task to serve an increasingly sophisticated and diverse demographic with the foods that satisfy their needs. But Monsoon Kitchen believes the rich, healthy, time-tested recipes they crave is the same authentic foods that Monsoon Kitchen has focused on since day one: The true taste of India.